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To keep or not to keep – decluttering a home before selling

There is no real rule as to how to declutter your home the most effectively because it really depends on what sort of household you have and how many people is in your family living together. All in all, the amount of clutter and unnecessary things always get piled up this or that way in every single home. These are good to go through especially before a moving as you may not want to bring them with you at all. Hereby we would like to enlist all the things which have the tendency to get piled up and the most effective way to get rid of them.

1. Clothes/shoes

This may sound a little bit ridiculous but it is true. Most people, especially women wear only about one third of the real amount of clothes they have and same goes for the shoes too. And clothes occupy tons of space, collect lots of of dust therefore be ruthless and go through your closet either alone or with a friend who can also help with his or her honest judgement. Get rid of the clothes, you clearly won't ever wear, which got too small or which remained too large, which are over worn, torn or have other defect. Don't forget about those clothes which are out of fashion and which were not worn for more than 2 years. You will be shocked to see the end result. Every woman has at least two huge piles of unused clothes and shoes. For families, get rid of all the stuff which your kids used to wear. The best way to go to get rid of unused clothes is either to put them on sale, sell them to a second hand shop or simply to donate them.

2. Newspapers/ magazines

Most people are hoarders of newspapers and magazines. We may keep on storing these for years for no real reason. Therefore get rid of all these and they will free up tons of space for you. The best way to go is either to throw them away in a recycle bin or to give them to kids collecting newspapers.

3. Toys

Everyone who has family knows very well about the tendency to keep the old toys our kids used to play with. They give us good memories and serve as a memento of the past. However restrict the number of toys you would like to keep to a minimal number and get rid of all those ones which you are storing without a real reason. The best way is to donate them to one of the foundations in your area.

4. Furniture

Many of us fail to throw out our used furniture and appliances. This is normally due to the lack of abilities as to where to throw them away. If you are in the same shoes, call one of the companies that can help you with removing them. If your furniture is specific and you do not want to get rid of it, find a good storage place where you can put them until the sales and move is over.

These are some of the best working advices from those who continuously work on selling houses quickly, therefore we hope you will have a good use of them.

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