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Dos and Don'ts during Open House days

Doing an Open House may seem the easiest things in the world: all you need is the sign, some appointments and then trust on more people coming in to sell your house quickly. But in reality this is not all this easy if you also want to close sales on or thanks to one of these very days. That's exactly why Open House days are generally managed by real estate professionals. However let's share a bag of tips and tricks as to how to do an Open House day and make it successful.

1.) Inform and fix date with as many potential buyers as possible

Waiting for random people to come in is highly stressful and also very time consuming therefore make sure you expect as many people to arrive for sure as possible. Also, crowd is much more inviting for random visitors to come in too.

2.) Make sure you do not leave anything of high value to be seen

Apart from television sets or home appliances make sure nothing of value is left outside. Open House days are inviting for pickpockets and robbers as well. Let them not see what you really have of value inside your home.

3.) Let your buyers stroll through unattended

Do not follow your potential buyers around otherwise they will have the tendency to feel as guests or invaders instead of feeling like buyers. This is essential in order for you to make them feel at home and see the place as their future home. Wait for them in the hall or in the living room, if they will have questions they will surely ask you.

4.) Pack away all personal stuff

Do not leave anything outside and if possible collect all personal stuff in closed spaces. Most people won't open up your drawers but you can never be sure of that. If you feel like, have one closet that can be closed with a key kept for this very reason.

5.) Make sure everything is as clean as possible

It's essential for the house to look its very best on Open House days. Do your best to make it as attractive as you can. Some tricks include flowers inside, fireplace that's on, lots of lights to make rooms brighter

6.) Don't keep kids and pets in the house

Everyone who has pets and kits know all well that it's virtually impossible to keep an order around them and also they work as a huge distraction from the real reason of the whole event. Also, bear in mind not all the people love kids and pets.

7.) Do not store things you don't want buyers to see in the garage

If you have a garage it's very likely that people will want to see it to see how well would their own car fit in the place. It's not a pleasant surprise to open up the garage door and greeted by loads of things packed in there.

Bear all these in mind and you will have a pleasant Open House event.

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