Sell Your Home Fast

Want to Sell your house yourself?

While this is not usually advisable, it's certainly conceivable to sell your home yourself or without any Agent. If you are methodical and follow the mentioned below steps, you will be able to potentially save some percentage on the commission of the estate agent.

Now you need to keep in mind: it will mean that spending about £1,000 up front. You will look at this like an investment to save money while selling my house fast, though, once you truly sell the home.

Get your home inspected by professionals

According to the size of your house, it will cost about £200 to £400. Usually all the buyers will get their home inspected, but it is suggested for a seller to do it yourself prior to sell my home quick. The reason here is quite simple: you should know more about home than the buyer does about the negotiate price.

Usually the home also goes under the contract at particular price, so potential buyer also get the home well inspected. Hence, this puts the seller, at great disadvantage. Here reason is, it's always better for the seller to understand about any possible problems while pricing the home, instead of finding them when you have the buyer.

Ok, let me ask you, do you know known that if your house is wired perfectly? Unless you are a professional electrician, you possibly will never know this. Now just think: which will be better, for the seller to know about the wiring issue of your home and price it consequently, or for the seller to find the fact after a buyer take your house under the contract?

Also ensure that you get the termite inspection when termites are concern where you are living. Termites will also destroy your house quickly, and several times you will never know this till it gets too late. Here great news is that many termite companies will examine your house for free as they will earn business from you.

It is suggested to do the inspections before doing anything else. Home inspection generally takes 3 hours, and termite inspection usually takes 1 hour. Apart from allowing the inspectors, you don't need to be present in your home! Many inspectors schedule the work to get completed in one week.

Take Bids from 3 contractors on key item need repair

After the inspections, you come to know the standing of your property and so you will understand what should be the price of your house. You should then consider repairing the major things. It includes: foundation, plumbing, electric, HVAC, roof work and framing. When any these things are show up on inspection report, you can get 3 diverse contractors to look for the concerns and ask them to offer you a quote and bids in writing.

Additionally, if you wish to sell house fast you should bring in the contractors on big beautifying issues. In case you have old and shabby carpets, if you have holes in wall or any other broken windows so you will wish to understand that what the cost is involved to redo or to fix the issues.

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