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Things to pay attention to when preparing to sell your home

Open Days and showing your home to potential buyers is always a tough and tiresome task. That's exactly why so many people opt for hiring a real estate agent to have this all managed by them. But if you have decided to give it a try yourself, then get prepared for a stressful period in your life: arranging appointments and showing people around the best effective way is a way of an art and this time around we would like to give you a few tips on what to do and what not to do when showing your home to buyers. Let's get started

1.) Never get over friendly with potential buyers

It's always good to establish a normal and overall friendly approach to people but never ever get too intimate or too friendly with a potential buyer. Do not ever share personal details about yourself and don't spend too much time together because many people may work this to your disadvantage and either will withdraw their offer or would offer a way lower price than you would want to have. That's also why it's better to get a real estate agent involved in the process: they know exactly how much to share.

2.) Don't even be there

If you have contracted a real estate broker to sell your home then let them show people around when you are not at home. This is the least stressful for both you and the buyers. This way they can feel themselves around. Many owners commit the mistake of following the buyers around like a guardian dog, when they look around. This is a very bad tactic which doesn't help you sell your home.

3.) Keep pets and children away

When it comes to showing people around in your home, it's best not to have any pets or kids around. Remember, everyone is different and not everyone is crazy for pets or kids. Also they all serve as a large disruption of attention when they are around: people tend to pay attention to them and not the actual real estate. Therefore when it's time to show your home, make sure it's empty.

4.) Never show your home unprepared

Preparation for selling may take weeks: with all the cleaning, decluttering, refurnishing (when required) repainting and packing away of most things personal, make sure your home gets showed to potential buyers when it really looks its very best. This is essential in terms of fast selling. Rather wait those few weeks out before acting hastily.

5.) Depersonalize your home

Make sure there are not many personal items left outside for buyers to see. Pack all family photos and other personal items away as much as possible. This is also true for all things which are valuable, such as jewelry and expensive paintings. This way you don't only help but also avoid being robbed in the future.

These tricks all worked for me when I was set about to sell my property quickly so I hope they will work for you all the same.

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